Angel Dancinz (Singapore)


My Profile


Angel Chia S.K.

Finalist of the “Worlds XII Country Dance World Championships 2004 – Line Classic Crystal Intermediate Female” 

 Overall Champion of “The 2003 Asian Pacific Dance Championship – Line Classic Crystal Intermediate Female” 

Accredited by the P.A.L (Professional Association of Linedancers) on “Professional Line Dance Trainer Accreditation Programme”- 2003 

 Singapore Sports Council Registered Dance Trainer 

People’s Association Registered Dance Trainer 

 Awarded “Millennium Award – Gold Medal” and Highly Commended by the  National Association of Teachers of Dancing (NATD) – May 2000 

 Awarded “Country & Western Line Dancing Award – Gold Grade, tested, satisfied and Highly Commended by the Examiner of the National  Association of Teachers of Dancing (NATD) – May 2000



My Choreography

Dust - 64 count, 2 Wall (Intermediate/Advanced Level)



My Memory - 32 count, 4 Wall (Intermediate Level)





Everything Crazy - 112 count, 2 Wall (Intermediate Level)



Love U Love Me - 132 Count, 2 Wall (Intermediate/Advanced)